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aboutFoshan Ruizifeng Hardware Machinery Co., Ltd. is located in Shishan Town, Nanhai District, Foshan City, Guangdong Province, the founder of the company in-depth industry, has 20 years of cold forming equipment experience. The company has strong technical force, has many years of cold formed profile molding program research and development and forming machinery production experience, research and development backbone are in the industry for many years, has a wealth of theoretical and practical experience. The company introduces professional cold forming drawing software, familiar with the stress and strain of various plates and belts in the forming process, take customer needs as the center, design customer satisfaction products, and constantly meet customer needs.

The company focuses on intelligent intelligent manufacturing in the cold bending industry, takes customer demand as the orientation, creates unique value for customers, establishes a platform for employees to realize personal value, creates energy-saving green products, and promotes the upgrade of intelligent intelligent integrated equipment! For the mission, meticulous, excellence, to provide customers with high quality, personalized, ultra-cost-effective cold forming solutions and equipment, Ruizifeng is willing to work with customers from all walks of life at home and abroad to work together towards success!

Professional production: keel machine, tile pressing machine, C type steel machine, shelf machine, rolling gate machine, villa keel machine, door frame machine, floor bearing plate machine, foam composite tile machine, slitter machine, shears and other punching, forming, shearing, receiving integrated cold bending forming equipment production line.

Our Mission

Corporate culture: the best technology, the best service, excellence, to be the leader of the cold bending industry.
Service tenet: people-oriented, meticulous, integrity, pioneering and innovative
Benefit: how fast and good province, lean and efficient
Safety: always pay attention, everywhere prevention
Slogan: Keep improving, win customers with technology, and achieve win-win cooperation

Why Choose Us

Multiple Functions
Automatic fixed length cutting, automatic completion of dimple hole, chamfering, piercing, cutting corners and other functions, suitable for all kinds of prefabricated light steel buildings on the market
High Efficiency
Fully automatic production, Stable production 4-6 tons /8 hours, equal to about 120-160 square meters
Stable Performance
Through the continuous production and research of our team, the cold forming experience of hundreds of mechanical equipment is summarized from a set of forming technology
Safe and Reliable
Keel flatness accuracy error control within ±0.5mm, to ensure that the earth and earth keel and vertical keel are closely connected, to achieve double load bearing keel and screw, safe and solid

Our Certification

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Certification 3 Certification 3
Certification 2 Certification 2
Certification 1 Certification 1
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Looking for a reliable solution ?


  • Xinjing Industrial Zone, Luogang Village, Shishan Town, Nanhai District, Foshan, Guangdong, China
  • +86 139-2915-2843
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